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Mangesa Rosso Antichi Sapori

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A recipe of San Giovanni Winery, a dessert wine, with a ruby red colour, an intense aromas of wild red berries, blackberries and raspberries, lightly sparkling and with an aromatic taste. Ideal among meals, recommended for dipping dry pastries, like Le Sbreghe and Cantucci Toscani.

Recommended temperature: 12°C.

Passito di Marzemino - Passito di Raboso - Malbech - Raboso – Refosc

Technical Characteristics:
- Alcohol contents 12° vol.
- Acidity 5,5 gr./l.- 6,0 gr./l.
- Sweet wine
- Bottle pressure 2,50 atm
- Re-fremented in autoclave at 16-18°C for about 8-10 days
- The wine is left with the yeasts for over 60 days